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We allow and encourage online discussion communities, and in doing so, freedom of expression and identity are core values of the Service. There are a number of categories of content and behavior, however, that jeopardize the Service by posing risk to users, publishers, or third party services utilizing the Disqus platform.

If You publish inappropriate content or exhibiting inappropriate behaviors on our website, including from the following categories, may have their account suspended or terminated:

  • Blackmail or extortion
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  • Impersonation
  • Intimidation of users of the Disqus Service
  • Malware
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  • Spam
  • Unlawful activities

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Posting Links on Our Website

We would like to help other bloggers out. If You would like to post a link leading to an article on Your website, blog, or other online source, then You may do so under these conditions:

  • You are only allowed to post a link that is related to the topic being discussed
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In addition, if You feel that Our content is either helpful or similar to your content, then please link Our content on Your website. By placing links on Our comment box, You agree to publish appropriate links. We reserve the right to deny or alter any links that We feel are either unnecessary or that We consider to be spam. By using Our comment box, You agree to publish appropriate behavior and accept these terms.