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Cats and dogs can be our best friends, at least for most of the time. A lot of us love playing with our furry little friends. It keeps them happy by giving them exercise, and it keeps us happy because it brings a smile to our face when our pets aren’t wreaking havoc in our home or personal belongings. However, some toys that we give our pets to play with aren’t as safe as we thought. The last thing that we want to do is bring harm to our pets, so below is a list of fun cat and dog toys that are safe for your pets!

Cat Toys

If you’ve ever watched Jackson Galaxy and his show My Cat From Hell, then you’ll have a good idea of what to get your cat. I haven’t met a cat that didn’t love playing with some type of wand variant like what Jackson Galaxy uses on his show. It’s fun watching my cat run and jump from the floor to the couch, then from the couch to the floor while doing flips in the air. She is one athletic cat considering she’s 8 years old, and it’s by far her favorite toy!

She also loves to play and chase after anything that resembles a mouse or a bird, paper balls (crafted from paper bills, because no one likes bills), things that jingle, and anything filled with catnip. I will throw a toy mouse or ball across the room, and she will run after it, pounce on it, then look up at me and expect me to throw something else. She won’t bring them back, though I wish that she would, but some cats do! She also likes chasing after cat treats that I throw around the room. Sometimes she spends more time trying to find and grab the food than she does playing with her toys.

Here’s a quick tip: if your cat knocks something over, then it’s time to play with them! Every now and then, we find our cat walking around the house looking for things to knock over. She will usually look at us while she knocks over a pen, paper, empty water bottle, hair braid, and anything that isn’t nailed down. Whenever we see this, or hear a loud bang coming from the kitchen, we know it’s time to take out the wand and play with our cat. Thank you, kitty, for making a mess at our expense!

You should avoid letting your cat play with anything that they can accidentally swallow (same goes for any pet) including string, ribbon, office supplies, bottle caps, and anything else that they like to play with that can be accidentally swallowed. You should also avoid letting them play with plastic bags and wrappers that they ingest or get stuck in, especially when you’re not home to watch them.

Dog Toys

Instead of scratching everything in your house when your cat is either bored or anxious, dogs love to chew on things in order to relieve teething, boredom, and anxiety. Safe toys for dogs should be made of hard rubber such as nylabone and kong. Other toys that aren’t made of rubber but are just as safe include rope, treated bones, doggy key rings, balls, and frisbees. One interesting ‘toy’ that we’ve tried with our puppy was giving her an empty milk jug. That’s right. A simple one gallon plastic milk jug, which is kind of comparable to a cardboard box for kids. You buy them a toy, but they’re more interested in the big box that the toy was shipped in. Our puppy of 9 weeks won’t stop playing with this milk jug!

You should avoid giving your dog anything small enough that they can choke on! This includes any ball, small animal bones, soft rubber toys, stuffed toys, children’s toys, etc. They don’t think about choking hazards, so it’s your job to look out for them. You should also avoid giving them rawhide toys. Not only can they bite small pieces off of a rawhide toy, but the chemicals that companies use to treat that rawhide toy can potentially poison your dog if consumed.

Let’s Hear From You!

What is your pet’s favorite toy? Have you ever made a toy that your pet loved to play with? Have you ever given them a toy that you thought was safe but caused them harm? Which toys would you recommend for other pet owners? How can you tell when your pet wants to play?