Author: Ken Walters

5 Rules to Follow When Researching Online

We hear it all the time from our friends, family, teachers, and bosses alike, “Do your homework!” Every once in a while, some of us make a mistake and we hear, “You should’ve done the research.” That’s okay, because researching can be tough. I’m going to teach you how to research, how to effectively use search engines, which websites are the best sources of information, and why you should question online reviews. If you’re new to research, then please read the Research & The (Furious) 5 W’s. Otherwise, feel free to skip down to 5 Tips When Researching Online. Research...

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Which Rooms Consume the Most Electricity?

Have you ever wondered, “Which rooms are consuming the most electricity, and how can I save more money on my next electric bill?” I know that I have, which is why I did a little research to find out the answers! To use myself as an example, my current electric provider charged 9 cents per kilowatt per hour last summer. Last winter, in 2014, they charged me almost 16 cents, and that was during the multiple snow storms that graced New England’s presence last year. Snow is great for sledding, building snowmen, and having snowball fights, but not for...

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The Modern Consumer Shopping Process

When I used to work for a car dealership, the biggest question that the managers had was (aside from why didn’t you make the sale), “How did the customer hear about us?” Smart businesses want to know where their customers are coming from. They need to know where their advertisements are reaching, who’s seeing them, and how many people are seeing them. Some businesses rely too much on TV ads or ads in the local paper. This is not the way to reach the majority of your consumers! Sure, TV ads help, but that’s not the only place you...

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