Month: May 2016

7 Important Tips for Choosing a Location for Your Business

As I mentioned in my article 7 Steps to Follow When Starting a Business, location is the most important aspect to consider when starting (or even expanding) your business. You have to think carefully about where you should place your business. If you don’t think it through and you place your business in the wrong area, then you will most likely lose out on a lot of potential customers, a strong workforce, or even go bankrupt. As having a background in city planning, I’m amazed on the locations that some businesses decide to build or rent out. I’ve seen businesses located in the...

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Effective Study Tips & Habits

Everyone wants to do well in school, and it’s something to be proud of. You don’t hear your friends walking around school bragging to everyone about how they got a goose egg on a test, so why should you? On the other hand, when a friend gets an A on something, you won’t hear the end of it! If you want to be that person who proudly brags about their grades to their friends and family, then you have to put the time and effort into studying! Some people need to study harder than others, and everyone studies differently, so don’t...

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10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping In-Store

Shopping in-store can be frustrating, tedious, and expensive, especially if you have a large family, which is why some of us decide to shop online instead. Though it’s possible to shop for everything online, some of us would rather go out and shop at our local stores for groceries, toiletries, electronics, and other items, but how can we save the most money by shopping in-store? Below is a list of 10 different ways that can help save you money the next time you go out shopping! 1) Shop at multiple stores, but keep the cost of gas in mind I...

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5 Ways to Save Money by Shopping Online

Shopping online and saving money can be an art. You have to search around at the right time for the best deals and discounts (holidays are the best times of the year to save the most money). Your best chance is to search multiple companies that sell the same product for discounts and savings! If you’ve read my other article 5 Rules to Follow When Researching Online, then you know that you should always check multiple websites and online reviews before you buy anything. There are a lot of spams out there, so it’s very important to research a company/person...

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8 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Car

With today’s economy, gas prices, and the cost of new vehicles, it’s a great idea to keep your car running for as long as possible. From routine maintenance to avoiding potholes and storing your car in a garage, below are 8 tips for extending the life of your car: 1) Routine maintenance This is rule number 1! Check you vehicle’s manual for its maintenance schedule and its service and appearance care. If you don’t have a manual, then google it (2010 Toyota Camry SE manual), or you can check with the car manufacturer’s website. It’s imperative that you keep up...

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